Best Kikis Delivery Service Tattoos

The Best Kiki’s Delivery Service Tattoos

Kikis delivery service was the first studio Ghibli movie released with Disney as a Ghibli/Disney movie, through translation from the original Japanese version to an English dub there were noticeable differences between the two, this was both in the type of voice of the actor that gave characters a different personality to the original as well as the sound used in the movie, both the score having music and added dialogue where there previously was none.

The most popular Kiki’s Delivery Service tattoo is a Jiji design, the character is simple yet instantly recognizable, it can easily be incorporated into other main elements of a design or stand-alone tattoo, how ever it’s done it makes for a great tattoo.
The next most popular kikis delivery service tattoo is Kiki herself, some are based on screenshots from the movie and some are designed by the tattoo artists but most have been made unique to suit the individual getting the tattoo.