Best Howls Moving Castle Tattoos

The Best Howl’s Moving Castle ´╗┐Tattoos

Howls moving castle is based on a novel by Britsih author Diana Wynne Jones, although the book and movie are very different, Miyazaki took the story and made his own unique version with different themes and values that he wanted to convey in the film, much of Howls Moving Castle was actually Influenced by his opposition to the USA’s invasion of Iraq.

The most popular Howls Moving Castle Tattoo is by far Calsifer, a character that is perfectly suited for tattoos and can be done in countless ways. The next most popular is the moving castle tattoo design, although the castle is incredibly complicated and detailed when it is done right it looks amazing and works well as a stand-alone tattoo even to those who haven’t seen the movie at all.
Turnip Head is another popular character tattoo choice, as many peoples favoirte character in the film and one that translates well to tattoo form.