Studio Ghibli Tattoo 3 by Violette Chabanon

Studio Ghibli Mash-Up Tattoos

Many people that want to a Studio Ghibli tattoo but can’t decide on which movie to base it on because of just how many options there are, simply decide to either get them all or just get all their favorites.
A Studio Ghibli mash-up tattoo can look incredible, having all the great things about each story in one Ghibli universe tattoo can result in some amazing work.
The most popular characters used in a Studio Ghibli mash-up tattoos are soots from spirited away, the little characters are so easily incorporated into other designs or characters and can be used to fill in spaces where something is needed. The next most popular characters are another small design, Kodama, these Japanese spirits can add a lot to any Studio Ghibli tattoo work well with other elements.
The third most popular character used is No-Face, whether its right in front of the design or lurking in the back, No-Face makes an appearance in a lot of studio ghibli combined tattoos.

Studio Ghibli Sleeve Tattoos

Getting a full tattoo sleeve is a big commitment, the time, money and pain to go through can be enormous and getting a Studio Ghibli themed tattoo sleeve could be the ultimate homage to the legendary studio.