Phoenix Tattoos

phoenix tattoo

From Greek mythology, the Phoenix would rise from the ashes of the Phoenix that came before it. A Phoenix tattoo symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and resurrection. Many people get a Phoenix to represent a second chance or a new start. A Phoenix tattoo can be done to look masculine or feminine and with many different styles, it’s easier to … Read morePhoenix Tattoos

Finger Tattoos

Feather, Snake, Dagger and Rope Finger Tattoos by Doctor Woo

Popular finger tattoos are usually done on the side of the finger or on top, getting a finger tattoo on the back of your finger isn’t as common as it can fade faster than most other areas, when tattooed on the back of the finger it typically requires a touch up when it begins to fade. all fingers tattoos will fade eventually but finger … Read moreFinger Tattoos