Spine Tattoos

Spine Tattoos are a good way to show off your tattoo without your back being too busy. A spine tattoo features an overall simplistic and elegant space which is confined to the spine. You really have to be creative by having such a long, restrictive and narrow space to work with. Both women and men get spine tattoos but are more popular among women. Men tend to get back tattoos over tattoos on their spine. Popular spine tattoos are script, san-script, spine bone structure, floral imagery, butterflies, worlds and new moon transitions.

Tattoo Spine San-script

San-script spine tattoos can be a fine narrow font or bold and wide. As the length of the spine will make your tattoo look long and slender.

spine-script-tattoos  spine-tattoos-bold

Spine Tattoos Ideas for Women

These spine tattoos should be inspiring as these women have used the space and color very well to let the tattoo flow. Floral spine tattoos can be used to make a creeping effect up your spine and circular patterns or circle patterns can be stacked on top of each other to form a line. Have repeating patterns or alternating patterns both will work on your spine.

spine-butterflies-tattoos  spine-dreamcatcher-tattoo  spine-roses-tattoos  spine-patterns  tattoos-spine  spine-lotus-tattoos  spine-women-flowers
spine-hena-tattoos  spine-crooked-tattoo  spine-women-tattoos

Men’s Spine Tattoos

There are not many men’s spine tattoos out there but when they are done, they are done big, bold and thick. Most men go for the generic skeleton spine. I would like to see words shaped into the shape of skeleton spine! Words are also a popular option down the spine without having a very busy look. Men’s spine tattoos are gaining popularity as men are trending towards a more sleek look for their backs.

spine-men-tattoos  spine-script-man-tattoos  spine-lettering-tattoos  spine-tattoos-men  spine-men-tattoos-cross spine-men-tattoos-script

Does a Spine Tattoo Hurt?

You would think so as the needle is so close to the bone but surprisingly it only hurts for the first couple of minutes. Just remember to breath and try not hold your breath in, as this is very easy to do when you anxious.

TattooInsider spine tattoo hurt meter: 5

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