31 Mystical Unicorn Tattoos

31 Mystical Unicorn Tattoos

Unicorn Tattoos

Unicorns come in many shapes and sizes and can be designed in countless ways, while they are for the most part seen as a very feminine tattoo its certainly not exclusive to any gender, some of the best unicorn tattoo designs are on men and look great. There’s a huge spectrum of feminine to masculine unicorn tattoos and on the very feminine side a girly unicorn design can be taken to the next level which actually results in some of the best and most vivid color tattoos out there, artists like Laura Anunnaki and Lilian Raya have done some unicorn tattoos that are extremely well done and hard to believe they are actually on skin and not digital or painted pieces.

The History of Unicorns

Stories and art depicting unicorns goes way back and is part of many cultures history, in Asia the unicorn is mentioned in 2700bc it is described with the same characteristics as many other cultures and even how the unicorn is portrayed as today, gentle, pure, elusive and majestic. It’s said in Asian folklore that Confucius was the last person to ever see a unicorn alive.

In Christianity, the unicorn according to art historians was a symbol of Christ and was mentioned in the bible 8 times

The unicorn in European tales and art goes back thousands of years and is also very similar to descriptions of unicorns all over the world, being pure, having a long spiraled horn, lives in the forest away from people and usually has a white coat.

There are some historians who believe that unicorns are not just the mystical creature we think of today but an extinct animal that was once real, this comes from ancient paintings from all over the world and stories told of the elusive unicorn.
These historians believe that humans hunted, killed and wiped out the entire population of unicorns.

31 Majestic Unicorn Tattoos

Laura Anunnaki