Gemini Tattoos

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Gemini is the third zodiac sign which is symbolized by twins in the form of two men or a twin glyph. Geminis are both yin and yang mixed which is symbolized with the twins. Because of this Geminis can see both sides of a argument or view point. Yellow is an important color in Geminis tattoos as this is their governing color. Most qualities the color yellow represents directly relates to Geminis.

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Twin glyph

The symbol of the twins consist of two vertical lines usually bold in weight. The twins is the closet symbol to Gemini as “Gemini actually means “twins” in Latin. The twins represent the nature of Gemini born of having two sides like yin and yang. This can create a very nice balance to conflicts and different emotions. The twin tattoo sign can be tattoo tattooed in the style of roman numerals or in a script like font. The twins symbol can also give meaning to peace and harmony. The lines which are horizontal balance as they are parallel to each other and it is the same for the vertical lines to. This shows complete balance and this can be conveyed into your tattoo.

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Gemini Script Tattoo

Script is usually intertwined or used around a Gemini inspired design. The twins symbol is a popular motif used with Gemini script or lettering.

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Ancient Twins

The constellation of Gemini is of the mythological twins, Castor is immortal and Pollux is mortal. Which can also represent the physical world and spiritual world.


Popular Places for Gemini Tattoos

Gemini are generally outspoken and love to talk, but they also love both sides of the world. So when it comes to placement Geminis love to have their tattoos somewhere they can flaunt their tattoo but also a place they are able to hide or conceal their tattoo if need be. Colorbones, wrists, arms, back, hips, feet and all places common for Geminis tattoos.