Black and White Tattoos

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Some of the best looking tattoos are black and white. Black and white tattoos can be highly contrasted between black and white or shades of grey. High contrast black tattoos are designed for impact and are visually bold, these include script block letters, old school tattoos, henna style and image outlines. Strictly black and white tattoos are far less common. Generally black and white tattoos refer to the shading that ranges in grey scale color. These include portrait style sleeves, shaded tattoos and real life drawings.

black-and-white-tattoos-hand  black-and-white-tattoos-owl  black-and-white-tattoos-girl-rose

Black and White Tattoos for Men

Men’s black and white tattoo designs are either high contrast or grey scale shaded. Men tend to go for gray scale monochromatic sleeves and portraits. High contrast black and white designs are best used with space or skin between the tattoos and gray scale works best the opposite way, gathered up into a sleeve. The use of white ink can be substituted for the the color of your skin and this will almost always be your lighter base layer for black. White ink is also very good for adding detail and defining thin lines in a predominantly black tattoo.

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Black and White Tattoos for Women

Women’s choice of black and white tattoo designs include outlines, portraits, script, collage, sleeve, henna and black/white portrait with a splash of color. Women love black and white tattoos for their versatility and cleanliness. Black and white tattoos can have a more formal look over traditional colored tattoos. They also don’t clash with colored clothing.

black-and-white-tattoos-girlsleeve  black-and-white-tattoos-rose-arm  black-and-white-tattoos-tiger-colorblack-and-white-tattoos-outline  black-and-white-tattoos-ribbon black-and-white-tattoos-rose  black-and-white-tattoos-shoulder black-and-white-tattoos-girl  black-and-white-tattoos-clock